COVID-19 Screening Kiosk.

The Worlds PROTECT™ kiosk is the first, rapid, standoff COVID-19 screening solution in the world. Worlds PROTECT™ is entirely non-invasive. It requires no saliva, blood or deep nasal samples to produce a result. A person simply blows into the inlet on the front of the device and the chemical sensors are activated immediately. The resulting signal is quickly analyzed using machine learning algorithms and a result is returned in under a minute. When connected, Worlds PROTECT™ kiosks form an infectious disease prevention network that will produce the data necessary to halt community spread and provide early warning of future viruses.

Worlds PROTECT™ is currently under development for research purposes only and is not yet FDA approved.

The Worlds PROTECT™ kiosk is being developed to be the first, rapid, standoff COVID-19 screening solution in the world.

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Worlds PROTECT™ Key Advantages and Capabilities

  • Standoff DetectionUnlike other COVID tests on the market today, Worlds PROTECT™ is a completely non-invasive test for COVID-19. No mucus or saliva swabs, no blood samples – only a breath of air.
  • Deep-Breath Capture TechnologyThe unique, proprietary, Breath Capture System inside Worlds PROTECT™ collects a larger breath sample from each participant to enable higher levels of sensitivity.
  • Reusable InstrumentationOther tests and processes involve single-use, disposable, medical waste. Worlds PROTECT™ is a reusable edge device that takes the form of a kiosk and can be re-used hundreds of thousands of times annually.
  • Fast ResultsMachine learning algorithms surface results at the kiosk within a minute of receiving a person’s breath.
  • Low Cost / Per TestBecause Worlds PROTECT™ is fast and reusable, the cost per test equivalent can be as low as $0.25 depending on the volume of tests performed.
  • Accurate ResultsBy utilizing machine learning and predictive analytics, Worlds PROTECT™ minimizes both false positive and false negative results that are produced from more simplistic approaches.
  • Smart Connected NetworkWorlds PROTECT™ kiosks are smart, connected devices that, together, form an infectious disease prevention network that can produce the collective data necessary to quickly recognize community spread and provide early warning of any future virus.
  • Multi-Virus DetectionWorlds PROTECT™ can be configured to detect multiple current viruses as well as future viruses not yet identified. The unique biomarker signature of each virus can be updated or added to a library of viruses that can be used to protect against multiple diseases simultaneously.
  • Perimeter ProtectionWorlds PROTECT™ kiosks can be placed strategically at the entrance to buildings or facilities to establish passive detection of infected persons.
  • Community Spread DetectionWorlds PROTECT™ kiosks are networked and can be collectively queried to quickly reveal viral outbreaks as viral detections with increased frequency are surfaced.

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