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Human perception at an unimaginable scale.

Live AI-Powered
Models of Your Worlds.

We believe that one of the most powerful manifestations of Artificial Intelligence occurs when an organization is given the ability to see their world through the lens of an AI. Our spatial models enable our clients to remotely observe, analyze and learn from their physical environments in ways that have never been possible before.

Our SpatialSense platform combines deep learning AI with sensor networks inside of a spatial model to create near-live, 4D simulations of real-world scenes. It's now possible for organizations to remotely sense all of their physical environments from a single interface.

Human Perception.

Visual and sensory data about the world is proliferating, but the ability of machines to monitor and learn from that data has not kept pace. We address this pressing disparity by radically enhancing an organization’s ability to perceive, replay, remix, and reprogram their worlds at scale.

Creating live simulations
of your Real Worlds.

The Worlds’ SpatialSense simulation engine produces “digital twins” of live physical spaces. What is captured in 2D with cameras and other sensors is re-expressed inside of a 4D model where everything can be measured in space and time. These hyper-responsive simulations provide clients access to active physical analytics via a user interface that streamlines critical information about real-time events.

Establishing the
home base for IoT.

Clients think of SpatialSense as a visual home base for their entire IoT sensor network. While cameras are the primary sensor in our platform, our API has the capability to seamlessly integrate virtually any other type of sensor data, such as: temperature, moisture, sound, or smell — inside of a single interface.

Headquartered in
Dallas, Texas.

Worlds, the Spatial AI company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is completely re-inventing how organizations see and understand their worlds. Through live, AI-powered models, the company’s clients can remotely see, learn and analyze their worlds in ways that were never possible before. Worlds’ partners, investors and clients consist of some of the most progressive and largest companies on the planet including, Align Capital, Chevron Technology Ventures, PIVA, Capital Factory and GPG Ventures who have enabled Worlds to build breakthrough products for Energy, the DoD and other markets seeking higher levels of automation.

Worlds Leadership.

After building and selling two companies based on machine learning and AI, founders Chris Rohde and Dave Copps founded Worlds in 2018. After selling Brainspace in 2017, they knew they wanted to stay involved in AI and were intrigued with the challenge of building machines that could see and sense the world. They were joined in the beginning by co-founder Ross Bates, who had previously built and sold the startup Key Ring, also based in Dallas.

As the company pivoted toward a spatial interface, they connected with Head of Spatial Computing, Jason Fox, who was then a Senior Software Engineer in Microsoft’s Spatial Computing group. With guidance from their leadership team, Worlds has assembled an extremely talented and experienced team with skillsets spanning from machine learning, deep learning, spatial computing to full stack development, UX/UI, blockchain and digital identity.

Dave Copps

Present: CEO / Co-founder of Worlds, Inc.
Past: CEO / Founder of Brainspace Corporation

Dave is known internationally as a futurist, technologist and visionary on the role that emerging technologies will play in transforming markets and the world. Dave has founded, launched and sold two technology companies that have placed machine learning and artificial intelligence in hundreds of companies around the world. In 2017 Dave was recognized as Emerging Company CEO of the Year in Texas while serving as CEO of Brainspace Corporation which was acquired by Cyxtera in 2017. Dave received his BA from the University of North Texas. He is an active member of many impactful communities, including: The Aspen Institute's Round table on AI, Peter Diamandis' Abundance360 community, Xprize Visioneer, US Governments's Council for Competitiveness focused on Disruptive Technologies and a frequent speaker at MIT's EmTech conferences as well as universities and technology incubators all over the world.

Dave Copps

Chris Rohde

Present: President / Co-founder of Worlds, Inc.
Past: CEO / Founder of BAM AI

An avid AI and machine learning enthusiast and expert, Chris is committed to leveraging these technologies for the betterment of business everywhere. Prior to Worlds, Chris was Co-Founder and VP of Business Development of Brainspace, where he brought the power of machine learning, data analysis and visualization to Fortune 500 enterprises, global consulting firms, legal service providers and government agencies. Chris earned his BBA from Texas Tech University.

Chris Rohde

Ross Bates

Present: CTO / Co-founder of Worlds, Inc.
Past: CTO / Co-founder of Key Ring

Ross comes to Worlds with over 20 years of experience building data driven products and services. His passion is in building solutions that help people integrate, explore, and understand large & diverse data sets. Ross has excellent startup & product development experience after having built and sold the mobile shopping company Key Ring. Prior to venturing into the startup world Ross worked as a consultant developing data management solutions for Fortune 500 companies in industries that included Banking, Oil & Gas, and Wireless. Ross earned his degree from the McCombs School of Business at UT Austin.

Ross Bates

Jason Fox

Present: Head of Spatial Computing / Worlds, Inc.
Past: Senior Software Engineer / Microsoft

Jason joins us from Microsoft where he was a Senior Spatial Computing Engineer in their Commercial Software Engineering organization. In his work at MS, he worked with enterprises to build robust spatial computing systems with technologies such as HoloLens, mobile AR (iOS/Android) and accompanying cloud services. Jason has designed and built 3D visualization systems, built video game systems, non-destructive testing systems, and spent time as a technical evangelist.

Jason Fox


Hypergiant Industries

Hypergiant Industries focuses on solving humanity's most challenging problems and leading the way in data intelligence as humanity enters the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As the parent corporation over a roster of divisons, Hypergiant Industries serves verticals that include space science and exploration, satellite communications, aviation, defense, healthcare, transportation and municipal infrastructure, food and beverage, retail and more. Founded in 2018, the company has offices in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and Washington, DC.

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Align Capital

Align Capital out of Austin Texas is the lead investor in Worlds. Align Capital has a simple vision: to be the desired investment platform for private equity by properly aligning the interests of investors, general partners, employees and investments. Through siloed funds they create unique opportunities with their management teams to provide the strategic and analytic resources needed to properly position their funds for success.

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Chevron Technology Ventures

Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV) champions the innovation, commercialization and integration of emerging technologies into Chevron. They pursue innovative business solutions and externally developed technologies that have the potential to improve Chevron's base business operations and champion their deployment and adoption into Chevron.

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Piva Invests in the leading people and companies solving the world's greatest industrial and energy problems with breakthrough technologies and new, innovative ways of doing business. Based in San Francisco and backed by a global Fortune 500 energy company, their accomplished and connected team invests in early to growth-stage companies around the world.

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Green Park & Golf

Green Park & Golf, built on over 60 years of operational and financial experience, seeks investment opportunities that offer above-market returns for its investors. Led by Clay Heighten, M.D., and Carl Soderstrom, the Firm delivers strategic solutions, financial backing and reliable network to its portfolio companies.

Capital Factory

Capital Factory's mission is to be the center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas, the number one startup state in the U.S. Last year more than 200,000 entrepreneurs, programmers and designers gathered day and night, in-person and online for meetups, classes and coworking. According to Pitchbook Capital Factory has been the most active investor in Texas since 2013.

“A real-time 3D (or spatial) map of the world will be the single most important software infrastructure in computing.”

– Peter Diamandis

Visualizing Artificial

One of the most powerful manifestations of artificial intelligence occurs when a person can physically see their world through the lens of AI. The Worlds SpatialSense Platform brings real-time sensory data from a physical environment into a single 4D view that is easy to comprehend.

Our SpatialSense platform gives organizations the ability to remotely observe and sense all of their physical environments from one place. There are currently four modules in the SpatialSense platform; WorldTrainer, WorldBuilder, WorldNavigator, and WorldAI.

How the Platform Works


Sensor Data

We take input from cameras and other IoT sensors. All supported through our API.

Artificial Intelligence

Our deep learning models quickly adapt and learn from your environment.

Spatial Computing

Our ultimate user interface is a live, AI-powered, model of a real world scene.


Module Type: Training

The entry to SpatialSense is through training with our Accelerated Learning Model. Subject matter experts load video of their unique environment and train the AI to learn the people, objects, events, and ultimately the stories that make up the scene.

  • Three tiers of transfer learning occur with the model. Human to machine, machine to machine and scene to scene.
  • Training models using video take only minutes of training video and does not require that the trainer have a background in data science.


Module Type: Modeling

Creating the environments for simulation is a critical function of our platform. The 3D models set the stage for live simulations. WorldBuilder enables clients to:

  • Import the 3D geometry of the area being modeled.
  • Calibrate and align the environment.
  • Create activity zones where events and people are observed and analyzed.


Module Type: Spatial Navigation

Spatial navigation allows users to teleport virtually from one location to another. This is an entirely new capability exclusive to Worlds and enables:

  • Remote observation, monitoring, learning and safety awareness from any location.
  • The seamless combination of Satellite views with Worlds spatial models creates a "fly-in" experience from one location to another.
  • The digital twin architectures gives users x-ray like abilities to see through ghosted walls, floors and ceilings.


Module Type: AI Bots

Our platform’s AI Bot layer enables clients to create narrow AI’s, virtual employees, that accurately and reliably carry out functions and automate tasks for Story and Event Detection by observing people, places and things in a client World.

  • The AI Bot goes beyond object detection and the detection of movement to understanding a complex series of actions meaningful to a specific scene.
  • AI Bots have a basis in deep learning and are built to not only identify people and things but to also learn the meaning of events and particular movements.
World AI

Conceptual Data Visualization Model

Sensory Data

The SpatialSense platform pulls sensory data points from the physical environment and tags them as vision, sound, smell, moisture, heat, or cold.

  • Vision

  • Sound

  • Smell

  • Moisture

  • Heat

  • Cold


Learned Intelligent Data Sets

Single unique spatial representations of data combine into sets, learned patterns and moments in time called Scenes.


SpatialSense Intelligence Platform

Live Scenes use these sets of billions of data points captures through the movement of time to create digital twin that can render intelligent sensory information at unprecedented scale, speed and accuracy for automation or live monitoring.

“By the end of 2020, 95% of video/image content will never be viewed by humans, but instead will be vetted by machines that can provide some degree of automated analysis.”

– Gartner


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Our Focus

Our Market Focus.

Our initial focus is on critical infrastructure. Worlds enables companies to achieve higher levels of automation, increases efficiency, raises productivity and dramatically lowers costs. Whether it is military base, an oil well or a hospital, our product will provide organizations with the ability to perceive and understand their environments in ways that were never possible before.

Energy Image

Energy Markets.

Observations and Automation of Energy site activities, remote site operation, identifying potential threats, tracking supply chain deliveries, safety inspections, remote inspections.

  • Customers train ML models using Worlds base models to create virtual sensors for automation of remotes sites.
  • Detections from camera and IOT sensors are combined and projected into a 3D space for remote monitoring and analysis.
  • Alerts and Activity data is delivered to users based upon what is deemed critical and/or actionable.
Military Image

Military / DoD

Observations and Automation of DoD / Intel site activities including base security, identification and analysis of potential threats, remote operations, situational awareness on the battlefield and emergency response.

  • Customers train ML models to identify potential threats and establish normal activity.
  • Detections from cameras and sensors are combined and projected into 3D space for monitoring and automation of situational awareness and response.

Dallas, TX